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The philosophy behind 13th and 8th started with a very tricky problem: how to do away with the thousands of emails, dozens of spreadsheets and hundreds of nerve-wracking hours associated with the guest management of a huge non-profit event packed to the gills with the Bay Area’s most influential movers and shakers?

From an organizational standpoint, it was an interesting problem - yes it contained thousands of variables, which computers are good at dealing with. But in this case, the variables were people - individual people - who required being treated like individuals - in an environment that changed constantly.

So, the solution required a system that allowed powerful, customizable automation (all events are different) - but one that was also sensitive and flexible enough to deal with the subtle differences between individual guests. And it had to save time, be easy to use, be accessible by large, hierarchical teams and generally make everyone’s lives better. No more spreadsheets. No more surprises at registration. No more wracked nerves.

Thus, 13th & 8th was born, and SeatRobot was launched. And the process ended up being so much fun, that now, it’s a thing. You know, with other products in production, and a site and clients and stuff.

Got a tricky problem?

The Founders

Jeff Carpenter

As half of the 13th & 8th duo, Jeff is a full stack software developer who thrives on designing and developing systems for early-stage and startup companies. Jeff holds a BS in computer science and is a seasoned entrepreneur, constantly striving to reduce the time-to-market paradigm plaguing start-ups with too many ideas and too little money and time. A case study is how the two founders managed to deliver SeatRobot, a world-class, on-line, event and guest management system to market in under nine months! (Hint, all of the client and server code is written in javascript (Bootstrap, Node.js and mongoDB)!

Matt Hackett

Matt has been a successful broadcaster, media executive and consultant for twenty years. In 2000, Matt was a pioneer of Internet broadcasting, creating Kickradio, one of the original online systems for user-generated radio content and negotiating the first-ever DMCA-compliant song streaming / download agreement with the RIAA. Over the last 10 years Matt has focused on business consulting and online system architecture for media and advertising: creating the Aria toolset for local media sales productivity ( The 13th & 8th partnership with tech wizard Jeff allows Matt to be completely foolhardy and attempt to merge his experience in business, creative and U.I. into useful products that are fun to build and easy and empowering to use.

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Ocober 29th, 2014: SeatRobot Debuts at Bay Area Council Annual Dinner and Business Hall of Fame Awards

With the guest list and management handled by SeatRobot,about 800 of the Bay Area's most influential business leaders gathered Wednesday (Oct. 29) for the Bay Area Council’s 69th Annual Dinner and Business Hall of Fame at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, where Intuit Founder Scott Cook and former Kaiser Permanente Chairman and CEO George Halvorson were honored. The whole event into a big viewing party to watch the San Francisco Giants defeat the Kansas City Royals in a rollicking Game 7 that featured a sublime and historic performance by pitcher and World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner.